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Fluid jetting expertise

Acting in significant Research works at the European level, we have been cultivating Science and Technology in terms of fluid jetting for more than fifteen years. 

Motivated by a sense of results, our team combine technical know-how and total commitment.

From design to implementation in your specific environment, we develop industrial solutions that meet your needs in terms of fluid jetting. Our steady improvement lies on a continuous Research effort focused on your own needs for development.

OriginD100 Digital Printing Platform

OriginD100 Digital Printing Platform

Ardeje launches OriginD100 Digital Printing Platform @TheIJC Conference 2015 taking place in Düsseldorf, October 7th – 8th


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OriginD100 Digital Printing Platform


Ardeje launches OriginD100 Digital Printing Platform @TheIJC Conference 2015

Ardeje selected The Inkjet Conference 2015 event taking place in Düsseldorf, October 7th – 8th to unveil its last smart and flexible digital printing platform dedicated to R&D process developments and prototyping.




The three main assets of the Ardeje OriginD100 have been thought with a total disruptive innovation approach:


  1. A printer easy to operate: first of all, the Ardeje OriginD100 is endowed of an ergonomic and intuitive software sheltered by a designed equipment conceived to facilitate Operators’ manipulations thanks to advanced tools and automated functions.


  1. An innovative platform allowing unlimited printing strategies: Ardeje OriginD100 integrates various industrial Drop-On-Demand (DOD) inkjet print heads enlarging capabilities for inks or functional materials jetting. This high accuracy printing equipment is designed to cover the widest possible range of process parameters including :
    • controls of print head setup and jetting parameters
    • print parameters and printing strategies : Single pass, multi pass, scanning printing
    • drying and curing modes, …


  1. Qualified digital printing set-up ready to be implemented in an industrial production line: Ardeje OriginD100 is the most efficient tool towards industrialization. Based on its own industrial drivers & components, scaling-up for industrial applications is efficient and reliable which reduces time to market.

From inks to functional material deposition, the Ardeje Origin D100 is suitable for print research, print quality management, process development and prototyping/low production volume for a wide range of applications (direct product decoration, material deposition, printed electronics or additive manufacturing, …). Either you are R&D Project leader for industry or University, ink manufacturer, media/coating supplier, … invest in a reliable and robust tool, latest born of the process developments Digital Printers by Ardeje.

Price starting from 37 500 euros, even its price is optimized.


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