Digital printing at the heart of Industry 4.0

With the increase in the cost of labour in China, the question of local production arises. Producing locally means preserving know-how, facilitating innovation and reducing costs.
Ardeje, at the heart of Industry 4.0, implements DOD digital printing solutions fully integrated into the production chain.

Created in 1997, inventor of the variable drop and print engine concepts, Ardeje was originally specialized in print engines for digital inkjet printers. During the 2000's, the market demand to integrate digital printing into production lines grew and Ardeje created an engineering department to design and implement reliable and robust DOD digital printers to meet this demand.

Since then, Ardeje has deployed its Origin and Infinity range of printers throughout the world in strict accordance with its customers' specifications. Every day, millions of products are coded, marked or decorated by Ardeje printers, in high definition and at high speed.

Our story

Founded in 1997 and originally specialising in print engines for digital inkjet printers, Ardeje meets the expectations of its customers by creating an engineering division to design and implement digital DOD printers integrated into production lines.

From the Origin of your projects to the Infinity of possible customised printer combinations, Ardeje equips European industrialists with fast and efficient marking and decoration solutions.

From Origin to Infinity, Ardeje realises your industrial digital printing projects.

20 years experience in digital printing

Keep it simple. That's our slogan.
It's what drives us every day when we approach each of our clients' projects.
This is what has driven us in the organisation of Ardeje.

The company is made up of three divisions:

  • Development-Production-After-sales service
  • Research-Innovation-Strategic activities
  • Administration-Finance-Marketing/Sales

Each division is led by one of the three Ardeje shareholders, all of which is headed by a single President.

As agile as our equipment, the company knows how to make decisions quickly, involving its employees in the major events that punctuate its growth.

Driven by the customisation of consumer products, delayed differentiation, and the search for productivity gains, our customers are undertaking real action plans aimed at moving their industrial tool from continuous inkjet, screen printing or pad printing to DOD digital printing.

The know-how and expertise of Ardeje's R&D team, acquired over 20 years of experience, has proved to be an effective and efficient tool for implementing this technological change.

From the origin of your projects to the infinite combinations of custom or standard printers, Ardeje equips industrialists all over the world with reliable, high-performance and fast industrial printers.

Our commitment

Our commitment : First, provide you with printers that meet your safety, standards and environmental expectations.

Committing to respecting your expectations in terms of both HSE / CSR and the performance of your equipment induces a coherent corporate culture.
Ardeje is first and foremost guided by a culture of customer satisfaction. And to do this, 3 values ​​mobilize Ardeje's teams : to be Professional, to be Efficient and to be Committed.

The most beautiful reward that is attributed to us is when our customer, after having equipped a first line with a DOD Infinity digital printer, calls upon Ardeje to equip all its production lines, whatever their location in the world.
A loyal customer is a satisfied customer.