Our achievements in the field of DOD digital printing

Ardeje, an SME that knows how to expand internationally.

The wealth of our know-how leads to the wealth of our achievements.

For more than 20 years, Ardeje has been equipping the laboratories and production lines of its industrial and academic customers around the world with DOD digital printers for coding, marking, decoration or prototyping, mainly designed and assembled in our factory.

Whether standard or custom-made, Ardeje's DOD digital printers print millions of products every day, at very high speeds and according to the specific requirements of each customer.

Infinity : High performance industrial printers

Whether mounted on a robot arm, a magnetic line, a conveyor belt or a linear axis, whether printing simple texts or complex high definition decorations on the fly, our industrial printers have all met our customers' legitimate requirements.

They currently print millions of products, whether flat, angular or circular, in plastic, metal, glass, wood or cardboard, using inks of all kinds and for all industrial applications : food, medical, consumer goods, luxury goods and packaging.

Origin : The Researcher's Ally

Each year, new prestigious laboratories are equipped with an OriginD100 prototyping printer.
Each one is unique because it carries the configuration determined by the Researcher's experimental plan.
Unique and identical in the sense that all have the same fundamental characteristic : the solutions determined by a D100 origin can be immediately transposed to the industrial world.