Master digital printing with our training courses

Whether you wish to acquire technical, graphic or strategic autonomy with your DOD digital printer, Ardeje's professionals put their know-how at your service within the framework of training courses given in situ or in our premises in Bourg-lès-Valence.

Mastering your DOD digital printer

It is an essential service when acquiring a DOD digital printer, the content of the training is relative to the expected level of competence :

  • Level 1: Operator level, start up, select an OF job, print, purge, shut down.
  • Level 2 : Technician level, level 1 and create images, replace usual parts, configure current parameters.
  • Level 3 : Senior Technician level, this level enables the trainee to fully master the printer both in terms of its settings and the replacement of all parts.

Thereafter, if, for reasons of turnover, upgrading or increasing skills, you would like Ardeje to train your teams, we offer you formulas adapted to your expectations. These training courses can be given in situ or at our premises in Bourg-lès-Valence.

Design training

Discover how to create your own designs and gain creative autonomy

The aim of this course is to become an independent player in the design of your graphic prints.

In the logic of delayed customisation, we teach you to master the digital tools so that you can create, recreate and then print your own designs on the fly in different formats using Ardeje printers.

Strategy and settings training

Leverage your printer's performance to explore new areas of innovation

Thanks to this training, you will understand the combined challenges of an optimal setting of your printer : ejection frequency, ejection temperature, waveform, spitting, speed, resolution.
In the hands of our technicians, you will learn about the subtle impacts of your decisions on the output of your prints.