Reliable and innovative industrial printers : InfinityA500 and A1000

Ardeje offers two ranges of high performance industrial DOD digital printers perfectly suited to your high definition coding, marking or decoration projects.

Their reliability and robustness meet the most demanding requirements of production lines in all industrial sectors : consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, luxury, automotive...

From mono or four-color printing to the deposition of functional inks, Ardeje's industrial DOD digital printers are the solution to your technological changes and your disruptive innovations.

Cod and mark your products with industry standard digital printers : InfinityA500 range

The InfinityA500 industrial DOD digital printers are suitable for printing logos, serial numbers, expiration dates, EAN codes or datamatrix projects. Their robustness and reliability make them particularly well suited to on-the-fly printing of large series at high speeds.
Whether you want to print on cardboard, plastic, steel or glass, the wide range of inks offered by Ardeje (water, oil, solvent, UV) prints on all types of materials.

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Decorate your products in high definition using custom-made industrial digital printers :  InfinityA1000 range

The InfinityA1000 industrial DOD digital printers meet product printing projects requiring delayed, agile and innovative decoration.
The InfinityA100 can be used to print very high definition images, decorations, logos, texts and codes on the fly to better personalise your products at the last minute and reduce your stock levels.

Fully configurable, perfectly adapted to the constraints of Industry 4.0, the InfinityA1000 printers adapt to all projects: variable print height, complex product geometry, high production rate, extensible number of colors, communication with various ERP systems, full compliance with legal certifications. They will also evolve over time, adapting to consumer demand.

The InfinityA1000 industrial DOD digital printers are also your best asset in the context of your technological changes or your disruptive innovations: printing using a robot arm or a magnetic conveyor, based on silver ink or any other functional fluid.

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