The fully configurable DOD digital printer : InfinityA1000

As the configuration of your production line, your products and your environment are unique, Ardeje designs and manufactures printers that meet your requirements in every respect.

Their scalable configuration : addition of a color, change of pre-treatment, change of print head, gives them a great capacity to evolve with your innovation projects.

In addition, Ardeje develops its own software. This competence is a major asset when integrating the digital printing solution into a production line. This makes it possible to communicate with the line PLC and to exchange data with an ERP system.

Our team of professionals from the digital printing world operates in a laboratory with high-tech equipment that fully exploits the potential of DOD printing.

This equipment allows us to study innovative projects combining the complexity of the material, its environment, its process, and/or the type of fluid to be printed : printing of materials with or without food contact, in 3D, at very high speeds (linear axes, magnetic conveyors, belt conveyors), in various environments (workshop, clean room), in all fields of industry (medical, automotive, packaging, consumer goods, luxury), and on the basis of all types of decorative inks (water-based, solvent-based, oil-based, UV-based) or functional inks.