Ardeje partner for all inkwells

Because each project entrusted to us requires a perfect match between economic performance, the nature of the materials and aesthetic expectations, Ardeje has the largest collection of inks on the market, all adapted to digital printing.

Whether water, solvent, UV or oil based, our Engineers have the technical skills essential for their implementation.

Ardeje has also built up a solid reputation in the use of functional inks such as silver ink, Pedot, or any other type of fluid with different rheological properties : dichlorobenzene, paraffin...

UV-based inks : The preferred ink for industry

Two main characteristics of this ink make it particularly attractive to industry :

  • It is cross-linked (dried) immediately after printing, so there is no loss of drying time.
  • It requires little maintenance as it remains in a liquid state in the open air, unlike solvent or water-based inks.

Simple to use, effective on all types of materials, it also knows how to restore colors perfectly.

All these qualities make it the preferred ink for industrialists.

Water-based inks : Most frequently used

Water-based ink is the one used in office printers.

Proven, perfectly adapted to printing on paper and all types of porous materials, it also knows how to show amazing performance when printed on non-porous materials.

Its drying requires either time or a blast of hot air.

Solvent-based inks : Resistant inks

By its very nature, solvent inks are the best performing of all inks in terms of print resistance on non-porous materials.

On the other hand, they emit volatile compounds that need to be treated and require a drying process.

In addition, the maintenance rate of the printer is higher than that of a UV ink-based printer.

Oil-based inks : Perfect for porous materials

It is without doubt the best performance/price ratio of all inks for printing on cardboard.

Very easy to use, this ink does not require any drying time due to the nature of the material to which it is applied.

Functional inks : Innovate, bring new functions to your product

Since its creation, Ardeje has been a partner in innovative and disruptive European projects. It has forged a solid reputation in the printing of functional or exotic fluids, making Ardeje the essential interlocutor of Companies and Universities which innovate in digital printing.

The printing of functional fluids aims to provide the printed product with an additional function or to change technologically : printing of conductive circuits, photo-organic cells, RFID antennas, sympathetic inks…

The printing of exotic fluids allows Researchers to test new processes, to open the field of applications, with the aim of bringing a disruptive innovation to the market : printing of paraffin, dichlorobenzene, acid or basic solutions...

Our team, composed of Pascal PIERRON, pioneer of digital printing, inventor of the photo-organic cell printing process, Christophe MERCIER, Doctor of Science, 20 years of experience in the field of digital printing, and Gaétan ANNALORO, Laboratory Technician recognised by all of our clients, have successfully completed dozens of projects using functional or exotic inks.
Entrusting your project to them is to give you every chance of success.