Origin D400

The most precise prototyping platform on the market : OriginD400

The OriginD400 is the ideal tool for engineers whose projects require the control of numerous parameters, each more precise than the last.

Indeed, this prototyping platform has 5 major assets : an accuracy of 5μ in X, Y and θ, a printing speed of up to 300mm/s, a theta axis, the possibility of embedding 4 heads and a powerful camera interfaced with the printing controls.

The OriginD400 laboratory equipment can accommodate a multitude of inks and other functional fluids deposited with high precision on substrates up to 80mm thick.

At the heart of innovation, the OriginD400 allows, through the research of complex processes, the implementation of your disruptive technological changes.

Controlled by the "MatPrintLab" software, the OriginD400 is also extremely user-friendly.

Technical data

Material typeAny type of support
Print speed100mm / s
Width printAccording to the selected head
Printing heads numberup to 4 printer heads
Fluids numberfrom 1 to 4 fluids
Fluid type

All types of DOD compatible inks and varnishes :

Water-based, solvent-based, oil-based inks, UV-curable inks, UV resins, organic or inorganic and hybrid materials, colloidal solutions, Sol-gel.


Depending on the selected print head.

Technology4th generation piezoelectric
Image file formatPDF, TIFF, JPEG, Ai, PSD
Maximum printing area285x330mm
Maximum height and weight of objects34


The multimodality of the OriginD100 R & D platform is a major asset in the success of your innovation projects. Here are some applications carried out as part of innovation projects implemented by our customers :

Silver ink :
- Electronic tracks
- Antennas
- RFID tags
- Antistatic tracks

Carbon nanotube ink :
- Sensors

PEDOT / PSS ink (organic semiconductor) :
- Semi-transparent conductive tracks
- OPV / OLED interface layers

Quantum dots printing :
- QLED printing

Sol-gel printing :
- Graphic effects
- Mechanical resistance

Enzyme printing :
- Sensors in the medical field