Custom Origin

A prototyping platform that meets your specific constraints

Ardeje designs and manufactures all of its DOD digital printers.

This is why we are your best partner if you are planning to have a printer manufactured that meets your expectations in terms of configuration, format and performance.

You also benefit from the expertise of our Printers, Digital Print Engineers and Mechanical Engineers to advise you on the optimum configuration of your future innovation platform.

On time, on budget, the tool is delivered turnkey and guaranteed for 2 years.

Technical data

Material typeAny type of support
Fluid type

All types of DOD compatible inks and varnishes :

Water-based, solvent-based, oil-based inks, UV-curable inks, UV resins, organic or inorganic and hybrid materials, colloidal solutions, Sol-gel.


Depending on the selected print head.

Technology4th generation piezoelectric
Image file formatPDF, TIFF, JPEG, Ai, PSD
Maximum printing area285x330mm
Maximum height and weight of objects34