Pre-treatment : an often unavoidable step

Ardeje carries out dozens of projects each year using a multitude of heterogeneous materials: plastics, paints, textiles, papers, metals.
The typology of the material itself and its manufacturing process can influence its surface condition. However, the surface condition of an object favours the interaction with the ink and therefore its resistance and behaviour once deposited, key factors for the success of an impression.

Whether chemical or physical, Ardeje has a range of pre-treatments that is unrivalled in Europe. Because in addition to the simple constraint of the material itself, there are often other constraints that are just as strategic in the eyes of our customers : budget, cycle time, multi-material compatibility, space requirements. In addition to simple recipes, we can also offer complex recipes that call for a combination of pre-treatments, the application of which requires real know-how.

It is this know-how that Ardeje puts at the service of its customers in order to access the winning printing strategy enabling them to achieve the expected printing performance.