Ink runs through their veins

A team of highly qualified Engineers, Doctors of Science and Technicians able to exploit the wealth of DOD digital printing to provide our customers with printing strategies that can be directly transposed into the industrial environment.

Specialised in specific fields of expertise such as hydraulics, mechanics, materials or programming, their complementarity makes Ardeje a unique European player in the field of DOD digital printing.

Innovation cluster

Pascal Pierron
Director of Strategy, Development and Innovation

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." A.Einstein

Gaétan Annaloro
R&D Technician

"Always looking for technical and technological innovations in the fields of industrial inkjet."

Lead Developer

Christophe Mercier
Innovation Manager

"A digital printing professional at the service of customers."

Guillaume Clauzier
Software Developer

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

Industrial cluster

Cyril Schlemer
Project Engineer

"For 20 years, each new project has been a new human and technical adventure."

Pascal Thomas
Project Engineer

Omar El Moukthari
Junior Developer

Maxime Callens
Junior Developer

Steven Laurens

Jérémy Maio

Finance / Marketing cluster

Pascal Lenormand
Director of Finance, Marketing and Sales

"The adventure I live every day gives meaning to my career path in retrospect. Equipping the industry is exciting !"

Michelle Girard
Accountant, Human Resources Manager

"Life is like a rainbow, you need rain and sunshine to see its colours." Jules Renard

Stéphanie Morisse
Sales Administration Assistant

"Learning and growing in a creative and passionate environment is a constant and driving force in my career. It is a real pleasure to assist our clients as well as our team, to optimise your experience."

Manon Blachier
Junior Digital Marketer

"Enthusiasm is the basis of all progress!"

Camille Lenormand
Graphic Designer

"What an exciting company to be working as a digital illustrator."

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