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Fluid jetting expertise

Acting in significant Research works at the European level, we have been cultivating Science and Technology in terms of fluid jetting for more than fifteen years. 

Motivated by a sense of results, our team combine technical know-how and total commitment.

From design to implementation in your specific environment, we develop industrial solutions that meet your needs in terms of fluid jetting. Our steady improvement lies on a continuous Research effort focused on your own needs for development.

Available Customized Functionalities


Workshop 14th and 15th November in Valence (Fra)

New market opportunities for wearable functionalities address growing markets. After two years of progress in the field of smart textile, the Micro-Dress consortium is proud to present some of its best achievements. We invite you in Valence (France) to discover products in development and evaluate how they can be best adapted to your needs and applications.



4 Half-days session starting at 9h for AM session and 14h for PM session:

  • Micro-Dress Project and consortium presentation
  • Devices presentation, demonstration, prototype and products
  • Questions and answers
  • Panel discussions (Inscription required)

What can you expect from these two days?

  • State of the art in functionalized materials : e-devices
  • Creation of added Value through functionalized materials: from concept to mass manufacturing
  • Review of innovative fields: Lighting, Powering, Electronic Function On Demand

Our expertise in the field ensures that our technology presents the following advantages:

  • Application-driven solutions
  • Complete integration in the product,
  • Product flexibility and lightness
  • Low energy consumption.

We consider these applications as a launching pad to explore new applications in domains like: the sport, the leisure, the decoration, the furniture, the toys,… Our team is looking forward being challenged by your ideas and projects.

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