Ardeje helps you succeed in your studies

From the feasibility study to the characterisation study, Ardeje mobilises all its laboratory equipment in order to accomplish your innovation projects : single pass printing bench with 5 to 10 heads, OriginD100 multipass prototyping platform that can accommodate two heads of all brands and all types of fluids, benches equipped with mats, atmospheric plasma, flaming, goniometer, dropwatcher, colorimeter, viscosimeter, spectrophotometer, UV lamps...

At your service, a team of experienced professionals whose sole objective is to find solutions that meet your needs and the constraints of your project.

Our team, composed of Pascal PIERRON, pioneer of digital printing, inventor of the photo-organic cell printing process, Christophe MERCIER, Doctor of Science, 20 years of experience in the field of digital printing, and Gaétan ANNALORO, Laboratory Technician, whose skills are praised by all of our clients, are at your disposal to carry out your study.
Entrusting your project to them is to give you every chance of success.

The studies conducted by Ardeje are eligible for the French CIR and C2I funding.

Feasibility study : Realise your DOD digital printing project

Because digital printing is new to you. Because you are wondering whether it is possible to print your product cleanly and durably. Ardeje has the laboratory tools to carry out any printing campaign.

The only limiting criteria are the dimensions of the sample which must remain within the following constraints : L < 20cm, W < 10cm, H < 10cm.

After a telephone conversation with an Ardeje technician in order to integrate your production constraints, we will receive your products to be printed at 80 rue Henri Poincaré, 26 500 Bourg-lès-Valence.

Once the campaign is complete, you will receive your printed material, a study report and we will take the time to give you our findings.

Optimisation study of your DOD digital printing project

Want to optimize your production or lab printer ?

Ardeje's engineers put their threefold expertise to work for you in setting up your equipment.

  • First skill : unique know-how in the technical implementation of all types of inks, all types of print heads and all types of materials.
  • Second skill : detailed knowledge of printing parameters such as the dryer exposure time, the waveform or the drop ejection frequency.
  • Third skill : our ability to select and configure the most suitable physical or chemical pre-treatment for your application. By harmonising surface energy, ejection parameters and the selection of the most favourable components, Ardeje effectively doses the print data to optimise strength, aesthetics and speed.

Characterisation study of all types of printed fluids

The Ardeje team has laboratory equipment adapted to the characterisation of a fluid printed by DOD technology : goniometer, dropwatcher, viscometer.

The fineness of measurement of these equipments associated with the control of their parameterization are as many assets in the success of a characterization project. Surface tension, disparity, velocity, viscosity - these are just some of the many data we are able to determine.

Innovation study : translate your disruptive ambitions into concrete achievements

Innovation is at the heart of our clients' projects. It is most often a matter of technology transfer : moving from pad printing or screen printing to digital printing.

It is often accompanied by real strategies to conquer markets : delayed personalisation, on-the-fly printing.

The innovation that is most important to us is obviously disruptive innovation. Innovation that shifts a standard production method to a more intelligent world, or innovation that creates new products that were previously unknown.

These terras incognitas we discover two or three a year : printing with a robot arm, with a magnetic conveyor, printing fluids whose formulation is only known to the customer.

At such times, the multidisciplinary know-how of the Ardeje teams is a real asset. On the mechanical side, our Engineers integrate our printing modules into complex mechanisms requiring specific skills. In terms of printing, we are able to use any type of print head with any type of fluid.